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VIDEO: Justin Buchholz Front Kick Knockout Of Steve Lopez

Here's video of UFC veteran Justin Buchholz absolutely blasting Steve Lopez with a front kick that immediately puts him to sleep. This kick comes in the third round of their main event lightweight fight at Superior Cage Combat 1 in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 21st. Anderson Silva's front kick KO of Vitor Belfort at UFC 126 isn't the first in MMA, but it was certainly the most noteworthy and the first of it's kind in the UFC. It's a visible semi-innovation like that which ultimately inspires (sometimes indirectly) other athletes to give it a try. It's as if it instructs the wider group of fighters a strike of that varitey could be that effective.

Buchholz talked to ABS-CBN news about the kick and his desire to ultimately compete in the Philippines (Buchholz is a Filipino-American):

"It was pretty-surreal when it happened. I was more surprised than anything that the kick actually landed. I did learn that from Steven Seagal and it’s cool to be able to use that to end the fight," he said.

The Sacramento-based Buchholz was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska to a Filipina mother from Negros Occidental named Belle Banzuelo, and a Caucasian father. In Alaska, he competed in wrestling for Lathrop High School.


Besides training for his fights, Buchholz is also working with Tony Horton, the man behind the famed PX 90 Workout, to develop a fitness video series based on MMA.

He said his ultimate dream is to fight in front of his kababayans in the Philippines. Buchholz is among the mixed martial artists fighting for the World Kickboxing Championship in Manila Grand Resorts on June 26.

"I’ve always wanted to go to the Philippines and learn about the culture. That’s the pinnacle of my career — to have the chance to fight in the Philippines," he said.