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AUDIO: Scott Coker Talks Gina Carano Medical Issues, Overeem Vs. Werdum Media Call

Above is the audio for today's media call for Strikeforce: Overeem Vs. Werdum. I've already covered what was said in the previous update to this StoryStream, so now you can hear it for yourself. Strikeforce President Scott Coker breaks the news that Gina Carano won't be participating at the event because she failed to achieve medical clearance. He then reads a brief statement from here regarding her disappointment.

Then the call itself begins. My sense is that both Overeem and Werdum seem as ready as one can surmise over the phone, but more so Overeem. The Dutchman is very mild and pleasantly political with his descriptions. His description of this event, of what it means and what it can do for him indicate, to me anyway, a clear sense of long-term purpose. It isn't merely that Overeem is excited, although there is that. It's that he recognizes this is the part of the path he has to take and dominate to make good on the hype and notoriety he achieved as a top heavyweight in 2010.