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VIDEO: Bud Light Commercial With UFC's Jon Jones And Dana White

Let me acknowledge immediately the quality of this video is fantastically abysmal. It's footage by someone who shot the commercial airing on their TV combined with positively no sound. UPDATE: New copy of the video included above! Feel free to insult me in the comments for even posting this. Still, I wanted to give at least some online exposure to the commercial Bud Light created featuring UFC light heavweight champion Jon Jones and UFC President Dana White. The commercial is really about promoting Jones and a contest they're running with respect to UFC Fight Night 25.

There isn't much to say about the commercial. It's short, disjointed and only offers fleeting glimpses of Jones. It's at once promoting Jones, but because it also features White seems to suggest few know who Jones is. But I won't bash it. Progress is progress.

If you're wondering why there isn't a copy online, my understanding is that Jones is selective about which audiences see this commercial. He's loathe to having it air during the middle of the day or to program that caters to anything but mostly adult audiences during adult television viewing hours.