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Amir Khan Vs. Zab Judah - Khan Receiving Double Judah's Fight Purse

Zab Judah may be more well known in America than Amir Khan, but he's not walking away from their HBO bout tonight with the bulk of the combined fight purse. Khan, the British slugger, will actually be taking more than 50% of the split. Dan Rafael tweeted about the situation yesterday:

Main event purses as per Nevada commission: Khan $1,072,500; Judah $500,000.less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

There is another twist added to the money situation, as pointed out by Scott Christ of Bad Left Hook:

On top of Khan's $1 million-plus purse, he'll also have all of the UK TV money. The fight is being aired there on Primetime for £14.99.

Judah not getting a cut of the UK PPV money meant that he refused to answer questions on a recent media conference call asked by anyone with a British accent.

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