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Bellator 47 Results: Marlon Sandro Vs. Nazareno Malegarie

This is a semifinal match in Bellator's "Summer Series" eight-man featherweight tournament. Marlon Sandro, former Sengoku featherweight champion, defeated Genair da Silva via split decision in opening round action. Nazareno Malegarie, a promising submission specialist who hails from Brazil, tapped Jacob Devree with a guillotine choke to advance to the second round.

ROUND ONE: They come out touching gloves and quickly separate. Malegarie whiffs with a leg kick, as well as a flurry of punches immediately afterward. One minute in and not much action -- still feeling each other out. Malegarie lands a nice shot and the pair lock up momentarily for the first time before separating once again. Sandro lands a nice jab. And another. And another. Sandro clips him with a big right hand that wobbles Malegarie. Malegarie seems to have a little swelling around his left eye. Sandro connects again and Malegarie heads to the mat, reaching for Sandro's leg, to catch a break. Both back on their feet and Sandro connects with another left hand. Action is beginning to heat up as they exchange punches in the center of the cage. Winging wild punches at this point. Sandro connects with a kick with 10 seconds left in the round, slips and Malegarie rushes him. That's how the round ends. scores this round 10-9 for Sandro

ROUND TWO: The fighters pick up right where they left off, exchanging punches int he center of the cage. Sandro misses with a big uppercut. Malegarie puts his head down and throws blindly. He misses with a looping left. Sandro connects again with a left jab. Malegarie finally goes for a takedown and misses it, but Sandro scores a nice trip. He quickly lets Malegarie get back to his feet and eats a right hand. Malegarie lands another right. Sandro counters with a few straight punches. Sandro closes the distance and presses Malegarie up against the cage. Sandro gets another takedown, lets him up again and drills him with a punch while Malegarie is on a knee. Sandro lands a flying knee that connects on the chin of Malegarie, but he seems okay. The pair lock up once again and thats how the round ends. scores this round 10-9 for Sandro

ROUND THREE: Sandro opens up the third and final frame with a nice left hook. Malegarie charges in and Sandro backs him up with a stiff jab. Sandro lands a nice kick and an uppercut. Malegarie, winded, ties him up to slow down the onslaught. Accidental head butt and the pair separate. Sandro immediately restarts the action with a one-two combination. And another combination. Upper cut and a left hook from Sandro. Now another left hook. Sandro is now pouring it on. Another upper cut and a straight left. Despite the abuse, Malegarie is still charging forward. Sandro presses Malegarie up against the cage and Malegarie reverses him. They separate and Malegarie misses with a few jabs. Sandro connects on the chin with a short left hook and Malegarie responds with one of his own. Flying knee from Sandro as the clock ticks down and the pair exchange more blows as the fight ends. Malegarie took a lot of damage in this round. And his bloody face was evidence of that fact. scores this round 10-9 for Sandro

Bellator 47 results: Marlon Sandro defeats Nazareno Malegarie via unanimous decision (30-27)