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Bellator 47 Results: Pat Curran Vs. Ronnie Mann

This is the other semifinal match in Bellator's "Summer Series" eight-man featherweight tournament and the main event of the evening. Pat Curran, season two Bellator lightweight tournament winner, finished Luis Palomino with a rare Peruvian necktie submission in his opening round fight, while his opponent tonight, Ronnie Mann, stopped Adam Schindler with a brutal knockout.

ROUND ONE: Curran opens up with a lazy kick and Mann responds with a flurry of punches that all miss. Mann lands a nice straight left. Curran steps in and throws left and right hooks that also miss their marks. Mann responds -- and connects -- with a nice knee. Mann explodes with a combination that misses, along with a head kick. Curran backs him into the cage and explodes with a flying knee that partially connects, but a big left hand lands all the way. Curran now had Mann up against the cage and scores a takedown. Mann, on his back, immediately keeps Curran at bay by implementing the rubber guard. Curran stands up and dives back in. Now in side control, Curran punches Mann in the face with short lefts. His right arms is tied up. He lands a nice hammer fist as the round ends. scores this round 10-9 for Curran

ROUND TWO: Mann opens up the action with a leg kick, while Curran throws a right hand. Another right from Curran. Curran attempts another flying knee, which Mann easily avoids by stepping aside. Mann, circling, lands a leg kick. Head kick from Curran is blocked. He lands a kick to the body and Mann counters with a nice hook. Flying kneed from Curran pushes Mann into the fence and he connects with a nice right. Curran lands another right and follows it up with a stiff left jab. Mann circles left and Curran bullies him back into the cage again, but Mann responds with a guillotine, which he takes to the floor. Curran hops over and escapes and that is how the rounds ends. scores this round 10-9 for Curran

ROUND THREE: Mann needs to go to work in this round if he intends on making it to the tournament final. He lands a nice right, as well as a few leg kicks to start the action. Curran lands a nice straight right. Mann backs him up with a looping left hand. Mann launches a head kick that lands on Curran's shoulder. Nice overhand right from Mann. Curran continues to work the jab very well -- Mann just can't get close. He also continues to back up Mann, who doesn't appear to feel any sense of urgency. Flying knee from Curran misses and Mann is able to secure a takedown, get Curran's back and attempt a rear naked choke. Curran, however, spins out onto his back. Mann hits him a few times just as the bell to end the fight sounds. Seems like a case of too little, too late. scores this round 10-9 for Mann

Bellator 47 results: Pat Curran defeats Ronnie Mann via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)