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M-1 Global Challenge 26 Weigh In Results

Weigh-ins for tonight's M-1 Global Challenge 26: Bennett vs. Garner were held yesterday at Hooters in Costa Mesa, CA. All ten fighters made weight. 

The main event is a rematch of the finals of M-1's 2010 heavyweight American tournament between Kenny Garner and Patrick Bennett.  Garner beat Bennett via KO in their first meeting. 

Garner talked some smack at the weigh ins.

"You know I beat people's brains out? The must mean I left some last time that I need to take care of," said Garner.

"Deep down, I think he knows I'm a much better fighter than I showed in our last fight. Every heavyweight has knockout power - that's just a fact of being a heavyweight. It doesn't matter who you're fighting, you just have to keep your hands up," Bennett replied.

Complete Weigh In Results:

Patrick Bennett - 240 pounds
Kenny Garner - 256.6 pounds

Arthur Guseinov - 183.4 pounds
Tyson Jeffries - 184.8 pounds

Mairbek Taisumov - 155 pounds
Josh Bacallao - 154 pounds

Daniel Weichel - 155.5 pounds
Beau Baker - 156 pounds

Jason Norwood - 184.6 pounds
Eddie Arizmendi - 186 pounds