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M-1 Global Challenge 26 Results: Eddie Arizmendi Tees Off On Jason Norwood

Middleweight Eddie Arizmendi had no trouble finding his striking range against Jason Norwood, finishing him at 4:55 of the second round with a brutal kick-punch-punch combination. 

Round 1

Big John McCarthy referees the fight. 

Norwood forces a clinch against the ropes. Arizmendi briefly reverses but is quickly pushed back into the ropes. Some trading of knees. Arizmendi opens up with an elbow-punch combination on the break. Norwood eats a right hand and ties up in the clinch again. Arizmendi with a surprise take down. Arizmendi takes his back. Attempts the rear naked choke. Loses it. Flattens him out, Applies body triangle. Arizmendi tries for another choke, goes for an arm bar, gets reversed. Norwood in Arizmendi's guard with a minute left. Hammer punches from his back for Arizmendi. Norwood fires a few shots. They trade as the round ends. SBNation scores it 10-9 Arizmendi.

Round 2

Arizmendi opens with a kick. Norwood coming forward behind some punches. Arizmendi drops him with an uppercut. Norwood recovers, gets a take down, half-guard. Arizmendi attacks with a double wrist lock, goes for a sweep. Norwood counters, takes his back. Arizmendi stands up. Norwood gets double unders and tries for the slam, gets him down. They stall in half-guard for a bit before Arizmendi gets full guard. McCarthy stands them up after a stall. Arizmendi pops Norwood and hurts him. Norwood shoots for a single, gets Arizmendi down. Norwood gets mount, transitions to the back. Norwood punching feebly. Arizmendi tries to stand, Norwood goes for the rear naked choke. Arizmendi bucks him off and turns to face him. Norwood forcing the clinch against the rope with a minute left. McCarthy separates them and Arizmendi catches Norwood with a high kick, followed by a right hand/superman punch and then a fatal left hook that dropped Norwood for the KO.

Arizmendi is the former Rage in the Cage champ. This is his ninth straight win.