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M-1 Global Challenge 26 Results: Daniel Weichel Batters Beau Baker

Daniel Weichel took a unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-25)over Beau Baker at M-1 Global Challenge 26 in a lightweight bout. 

Weichel battered Baker for three full rounds, landing at will with punches, kicks and knees to the face. He busted up Baker's face and dropped him repeatedly throughout the fight, but the gritty Baker refused to go down and hung in there for three brutal rounds in which he was utterly outclassed.

Herb Dean is the ref. 

Round 1

Weichel backing Baker up. Baker fires with a body kick. Weichel backs him up, Baker comes out behind some punches, eats a right. Baker with kicks that get blocked. Flying knee by Weichel. Catches a kick and pulls Baker down. Leg kick. Baker with some awkward spinning attacks. Push kick by Baker, decent leg kick. Weichel lands with a flurry of punches. Weichel with a hard body kick. Baker lunges and Weichel gets the Thai plum, lands some knees to the face. Leg kicks from Weichel. Baker lands a kick. Punch-kick both land for Weichel. Thai plum and knee to the face. Baker answers with a 1-2 body, head combo. Weichel lands a counter right hook and follows with more. Baker lunges and lands. Thai plum and a series of knees to Baker's face and body. Right from Weichel. Right hand/knee combo from Weichel. Round ends with the two clinched up in the corner, Weichel driving Baker back. SBNation scores it 10-9 for Weichel.

Round 2

Weichel opens up with a hurtful punch combination. Baker lands a body kick and drops Weichel briefly. They clinch, Weichel lands on the break. Baker lands a left hand. Weichel with a punch combo. Another. Then a right hook that hurt Baker. Baker throws three kicks. slips, falls. Plum + knee. Baker lands a left hook. Weichel eats a jab and a leg kick. Weichel opens up. Bakers hangs in, fires back. Body kick from Weichel. Baker snatches a single leg. Weichel fights free. Back to the plum. Baker escapes, lands a knee to the body. Weichel lands a knee. Baker gets the clich, lands an uppercut. They separate. Baker lifts his leg to kick and Weichel busts him with a straight right. Drops Baker with another punch. Baker's nose is busted and bleeding. Weichel scores a few more times before time expires. SBNation scores it 10-9 for Weichel. 

Round 3

Weichel opens up with some punches and a knee. Baker punches back. Weichel lands a counter. Catches a kick, lands a hard punch that briefly drops Baker. They're fading a bit. Weichel continues to batter Baker but Baker just won't drop. Baker's face is bloodied and battered. Weichel landing a brutal combo with a minute left. Baker coming forward like a zombie. Weichel lands a winging right hand at the end of the round, trying to get the finish. Nothing doing. SBNation scores it 10-9 and 30-27 for Weichel. 

Weichel had been set to face  Jose ‘The People's Champ' Figueroa in a championship bout.