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M-1 Global Challenge 26 Results: Arthur Guseinov Nails Tyson Jeffries With Spinning Backfist

Middleweight Arthur Guseinov caught Tyson Jeffries on the button with a perfect spinning backfist for the knock out at 1:32 of the first round. 

Round 1 

Jeffries immediately gets the take down off a spinning back kick attempt. Quickly takes side control. Gets the cross face. Jeffries landing knees to the body. He's got a far side underhook. Gets full mount. Jeffries turns him to the center of the ring. Guseinov spins, gives up his back. Guseinov stands up out the back door. Guseinov charges in behind a winging punch. Jeffries locks up a clinch. Gets a front headlock, threatens with a guillotine. Jeffries firing knees to the face of Guseinov. They separate briefly, Guseinov lands a perfect spinning back fist to the jaw!

Jeffries, a Team Quest product who trains with Matt Lindland and Dan Henderson, came into the bout off a loss in a title fight with Magomed Sultanakhmedov

Guseinov came into the fight off a loss to UFC veteran Luigi Fioravanti