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M-1 Global Challenge 26 Results: Kenny Garner Finishes Patrick Bennett

Kenny Garner knocked out Patrick Bennett with a brutal series of hooks at 1;15 in the second round at their heavyweight M-1 Global Challenge 26 bout. 

Round 1

Big John McCarthy referees the bout.

Bennett comes out with a superman punch. They're swinging wildly. Garner pushes Bennett up against the ropes. Bennett reverses. Garner reverses. Knees to the body from Bennett. Garner lands a left hook. They lock up in over-unders. Garner landing body punches. Knee to the body from Garner. They trade some bombs, both men staggered briefly! Back to the clinch. Knee from Garner. Right hand from Garner. Body shots from Garner. Garner catches Bennett with a looping punch. They lock up, Garner reaching for a single leg. Bennett is cut on the hair line. 1-2 to Bennett hurts him. Bennett answers. Knee from Garner. Right hand lands on Bennett. They lock up again. Garner with more body punches. Bennett lands on the separation. Garner answers. Garner goes for a single leg with 45 seconds left. Bennett gets underhooks and gets a take down to end the round. SBNation scores it 10-9 Garner but it's very close. 

Round 2

Garner landing to open the round. Bennett answers with a right hand. They lock up. Garner digging with the body shots. Garner hurts Bennett with a bunch of hooks. Lands an uppercut. Garner hurts Bennett with a right hand and Bennett falls. The fight is over!