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Travis Pastrana's 2011 NASCAR Nationwide Series Schedule Announced

In the ultimate marketer's dream and an ESPN racing fantasy come true, X Games star Travis Pastrana will make his NASCAR Nationwide Series debut on July 30 in Indianapolis – right in the midst of the extreme sports competition.

Pastrana will compete July 28-29 in the X Games, which are held in Los Angeles, then fly to Indianapolis for his first NASCAR race (a one-day show at the track formerly known as Indianapolis Raceway Park) and return to the X Games the next day.

It's a bit surprising to see Pastrana's seven-race schedule begin so late in the season, but there will be so much synergy between ESPN's X Games telecasts and the Nationwide races that NASCAR has the chance to draw the eyes of many action sports fans.

Here is Pastrana's full 2011 Nationwide Series schedule:


  • Indianapolis (Lucas Oil Raceway)
  • Richmond / Sept. 9
  • Dover / Oct. 1
  • Kansas / Oct. 8
  • Texas / Nov. 5
  • Phoenix / Nov. 12
  • Homestead / Nov. 19
Though Pastrana is only doing seven races this year, he plans to compete in 22 races in 2012. Sponsorship for the car will be from Boost Mobile, the Pastrana-Waltrip Racing team announced Friday night.