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Trevor Bayne's Dad Did Son's Laundry At 3 A.M. After Daytona 500 Victory

Trevor Bayne wasn't kidding when he said he had no clean clothes after winning the Daytona 500 on Sunday night. The 20-year-old hadn't expected to win the race – and go on the whirlwind media tour that followed – so he didn't bring anything to wear.

Fortunately, being a Daytona 500 winner has its perks. Bayne has "people" to take care of those problems for him.

Actually, as it turns out, it's the same people he's had all along.

Bayne's father, Rocky, found himself in a Daytona Beach laundry room in the middle of the night – just hours after his son had won NASCAR's biggest race.

"His laundry wasn't done to go on his trip, because he'd used it all up in the last 10 days," his dad said. "So I had to go out at 3 o'clock in the morning and do his laundry for him."

With only a couple hours of sleep, you'll have to forgive Rocky if he was still a little shocked over what his son had achieved.

"It's just amazing what this kid has done," he said, looking around at a room full of reporters. "I just can't believe we're here. It just hasn't really sunk in yet.

"Even sitting here listening to people talk, I kept looking around wondering, 'What are we doing here? What does all this really mean?'"

Rocky and his wife, Stephanie, watched their son's historic win from the Daytona grandstands instead of pit road (Trevor said his dad's vocal enthusiasm was better served away from the team's pit box).

So after the race, the couple ran down to the crossover gate and tried to convince the security guard to let them through.

"Who are you?" the security guard asked.

Rocky Bayne showed his credentials and said, "I'm Trevor's dad! I need to get to Victory Lane!"

Not only did the security guard let Bayne pass, but he gave Rocky the checkered flag to bring to his son in Victory Lane.

By the time Trevor climbed from the car, his parents were there.

"I don't know how they got down there so fast," Trevor said. "They must have hurdled the fence!"


As a side note, if you're wondering if you were sitting near Bayne's parents in the stands yesterday, they were in the Sprint Tower, Section U, Row 38, Seats 13 and 14.

Were you nearby?