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Trevor Bayne's Faith-Based Message Draws Christian Media Attention

Anyone who has spent time around Trevor Bayne knows the driver is a devout Christian who enjoys discussing his faith. But after he became an overnight celebrity with his Daytona 500 victory, he's been able to spread his message to a bigger audience.

That attracted two media outlets to NASCAR's Tuesday teleconference who don't typically call in: Christianity Today and Sports Spectrum, which bills itself as the "No. 1 Christian sports magazine."

It's clear that the Christian world has a new star who is devoted to help spreading the word.

Bayne was more than happy to speak on the topic of his faith when asked by the two outlets. Christianity Today asked Bayne if he could "offer some words of encouragement to folks who are low on hope."

"There were times when I was down," Bayne answered. "There was a six-month period when I was out of a race car in what I thought were going to be the most crucial years of my career. And they were – but God had a plan for them all."

Bayne said he prayed before the race for God to "draw him closer to us" through whatever happened on the track that day, saying he would be at peace with the outcome.

Even if he had a bad day, Bayne said, "there's something greater to it if we're just faithful."

Sports Spectrum asked Bayne to expand upon his thoughts that his success was "bigger than just racing."

"The goal is not to be the best race car driver, it's not to be the most marketable, it's not to be the most popular," Bayne said. "It's to build a platform and let God use us on the platform that he's building."

Bayne's father, Rocky, spoke about his son's goals a day earlier, saying Trevor wanted his career to be about "more than just winning."

"The only thing I can say is, the Lord is in control," Rocky said. "He's watching over him and he's taking care of him. That's his platform, and that's what Trevor's using it for. It's his goal, it's his mission, and that's what he's going to do."