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NASCAR In Las Vegas: Tony Stewart, Carl Edwards Provide Best Quotes From Kobalt Tools 400

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Here are the best post-race quotes from NASCAR's Kobalt Tools 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Sunday:

"Anybody that was out there today knew that passing was nearly impossible. It was so hard. I think it just has a lot to do with the speeds that we're running and as hard as the tires are. We're just so dependent on the air. When someone is up front, it takes (the air) away, and we can't do anything." – Denny Hamlin, after his seventh-place finish

"I've been blowing tires, mowing grass, knocking walls down and setting balls of fire down the backstretch, and Kurt has been doing loop-dee-loos through Turn 4 today. We're having problems in our hometown." – Kyle Busch, who blew a motor and finished 38th

"Every time you're in traffic, you suck. Every time you're in clean air, you look like a hero. That's normal." – Third-place finisher Juan Pablo Montoya

"This is the best start to a season I've ever had." – Race winner Carl Edwards, who has had a strong car at all three races this year.

"Second sucks." – Tony Stewart, who finished second

"For a while we had momentum going our way, and we worked our way to a decent finish – and then had a little trouble late." – Jimmie Johnson, who had appeared to rally from a terrible start but faded to 16th place.

"Failure at this point is completely unacceptable, and I've got to put it all out on the line and do everything I can to make this work. If I don't work with him, I got nowhere else to go. I got no other options, really, other than to just race myself into oblivion with my own team." – Dale Earnhardt Jr., relieved that his top-10 finish is a sign that his relationship with new crew chief Steve Letarte is working