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Has Kyle Busch 'Gone Soft?' Driver Addresses Differing Opinions About Personality

For better or worse, the married version of Kyle Busch is a different guy than many NASCAR fans are used to seeing. So is Busch's effort to be a better sport and show the nicer side of his personality a good thing?

It depends who you ask. Reporters get tweets every day from fans who say they are starting to come around on Busch after previously not liking him; others, though, say they liked him the old way.

Busch has heard that talk from fans, too – right to his face.

"Yeah, I have," he said. "There's been people that have said, 'We like the new you' or 'We like the married you.' I've had those people. But I've also had the other people who have said, 'It feels like you're going soft on us.'"

The Sprint Cup Series points leader said the fan opinions were a result of "the best of both worlds."

"Things have changed a little bit and things have gone really well and been a lot different (off the track), but yet I still feel the same with on-track success and being competitive," he said.

So how does Busch respond to the people who claim he's gone soft?

"I just say that as long as the results don't go soft, we're OK," he said.