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NASCAR At Texas Motor Speedway: Kevin Harvick On How He Prepares For A Race

Kevin Harvick offered this little tidbit today at Texas Motor Speedway on his mentality heading into a race weekend. I thought it was pretty interesting.

Check it out:

For me sometimes it's watching last year's races, but a lot of that stuff sticks in your mind. There is little characteristics that you run through in your mind, and in mine, I run laps through it all week as to what the characteristics are and to know and spring thoughts in your mind as to what helped you, what hurt you and where the bumps are and try to have that visual in your mind before you get to the racetrack.

For us as the 29 team, every Monday we talk about the characteristics from last year to this year, things with our cars handling-wise, things we did in the race, things that we did right, things that we didn't do right and try to make them fresh in your mind.

Sometimes I will have to go back and watch the race, but usually by the time I leave RCR on Monday, everything is pretty fresh and you have a mental image in your mind of where all the bumps and cracks and crevices are at a particular racetrack.