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Ryan Newman, Reporter Have Funny Exchange At Texas Motor Speedway

NASCAR drivers enjoy an interesting relationship with the corps of beat writers who show up at the track each week, and Ryan Newman in particular seems to enjoy some friendly banter.

Newman often interjects his own thoughts into the question or interrupts to query the questioner. A great example was Friday morning at Texas Motor Speedway, when Newman had a funny exchange with veteran writer Lee Spencer of

Here's what happened:

Spencer: "With fuel injection coming into the sport, it would be really easy just to put traction control on the cars..."

Newman: "It would be?"

Spencer: "Well, that's what I've heard from engineers. So I'm asking you..."

Newman: "Who'd you talk to?"

Spencer: "Can I finish my question and then you (can answer)? It'll be short..."

Newman: "I have the right to interrupt."

Spencer: "Yes, you do (laughs). ... You love this, don't you?"

Newman: "You could have not stopped talking. You could have just kept going and ignored me. That's an option, too."

Spencer: "I'm not your wife."

(Entire media center guffaws)

Newman (grinning): "Yeah. You'll never make me smile any bigger!"

For the record, neither Newman nor Spencer were making their comments with any ill will toward the other person.