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At Daytona, Kevin Harvick And Kyle Busch Discuss 'The Handshake'

After Sunday's Sprint Cup Series race at Sonoma, Kyle Busch walked up to a startled Kevin Harvick and extended his hand.

According to, which captured the moment with a photo, Busch told Harvick "Good race." Later, Harvick tweeted that he thought Busch's gesture of sportsmanship between the two rivals was "weird."

On Thursday, Harvick told reporters he was still "as confused about all that as everybody else" and said the drivers only raced together for a lap and a half during the Infineon Raceway event.

Busch, though, said he simply felt the drivers had a good race against one another and "just wanted to let him know that."

"We gave each other great room and raced each other hard and clean," Busch said. "And that's all there is to it. You all are reading way too much into things."

Harvick, though, apparently wasn't reading into it much at all. Asked if the handshake meant the two drivers were moving on from their rivalry, Harvick responded, "I wouldn't call it 'good to go' on that."