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Danica Patrick Remains Coy About NASCAR Future

Unless you're skilled at reading between the lines, Danica Patrick said little about her NASCAR future on Thursday at Daytona International Speedway.

Patrick, widely speculated to be making a full-time move to NASCAR next season, said she still doesn't know if it'll happen yet.

"Obviously I'm racing in NASCAR (part-time) and I've not made anyone wonder whether I like it," she said. "But other than that, as I've said from the beginning of the year, these things are complicated and they take time.

"Whether I'm coming here or not has yet to be signed, sealed and delivered. And I might not be. Only time will tell, and that timeline on my time of things...I'm really not sure."

So basically, it's still up in the air. But Patrick did reveal that she's the one who will ultimately make the decision – not her representatives.

"It comes down to my gut and my desire and where I feel like I'll be the happiest and where I feel like I'll be able to have the most success," she said. "And then after that, my team explores the options. But it always starts with where I want to be."

Will the potential sale of GoDaddy – who sponsors Patrick – affect her future? Patrick said everything, including the sale itself, is speculation.

"You all know how that stuff works," she said playfully. "You're like the kings and queens of (speculation) in here."

And if GoDaddy was sold?

"I don't know," she said. "It might not change anything; it might change everything. I'm not really sure."