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Kyle Busch, Richard Childress Have Altercation After NASCAR Truck Race In Kansas

Kyle Busch was put into a headlock and punched several times by famed team owner Richard Childress before falling to the ground, according to several people with direct knowledge of an altercation that occurred after the Kansas Truck Series race on Saturday.

Busch, who had raced hard with Richard Childress Racing's Joey Coulter late in the event, was confronted by Childress in the garage following the race.

According to several sources, Childress removed his watch and handed it to grandson Austin Dillon before walking up to Busch.

Upon approaching the driver, Childress – a 65-year-old grandfather – initiated the altercation without a discussion, placing Busch in a headlock and punching him two or three times.

Busch then went to the ground in a defensive position to avoid further injury, but Childress attempted to punch Busch again after he rose.

This obviously isn't the first time Busch has had an issue with someone related to Richard Childress Racing. Busch has found himself in several disagreements with RCR's Kevin Harvick, including a notable incident at Darlington in which Busch moved Harvick's car on pit road to try and avoid getting punched.

We'll obviously keep you up to date as more details about this story come in from those in Kansas.