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NASCAR Fans Take To Social Media To Voice Thoughts On Kentucky Speedway

Following this weekend's traffic nightmare at the inaugural NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Kentucky Speedway, fans immediately took to social media web sites such as Facebook and Twitter to voice either their frustrations or their support for the speedway.

On Kentucky Speedway's Facebook page, fans let their voices be heard time and again. When track general manager Mark Simendinger's initial statement on the problem was posted Saturday night, fans filled the page with over 1,100 comments.

Sunday's follow-up statement from Simendinger did little to calm the frustrations, with fans again taking to Facebook to call out the speedway, share their stories and in some cases support the track despite the terrible opening weekend.

Here is a sample of some of the fan comments on the track's Facebook page:

Left our house that was only 60 miles away and sat in traffic for over 7 hours, then was unable to park anywhere near the race and had to walk miles to get there, by the time we was about a mile away from the actual track the race was over...none of the shuttles were even helping people and the idiots on the bike trolly wanted $40 dollars per person to take us 1 mile...EPIC FAIL, My FIRST Nascar race and I did not see ONE CAR!!! Not to mention I am out $200.00 plus gas and a whole day and night with NOTHING to show for it!!

When you have a 4 lane road all the way to the Grandstand, It should have been all 4 lanes entering... I missed the race over that reason...

Mr. Simendinger, talk plain English not corporate mumbo-jumbo and how about a "Sorry"!

I hope everyone gets their refunds but i live in owenton which is 15 min from the speedway, and i think everyone should give em a break. From a place used to seeing only a few hundred to over a 100 thousand, we had to get a feel for it to know how to make it a better experience next time and the times after that.

Thank you Kentucky for bringing in the cup race, was there all weekend, had a great time. Race fans that have past experience knows that you leave early to attend a nascar race. After the race patience is virtue you are going to be there for a while. But you do need more bathrooms. Hopefully the bugs will be worked out for next year. I'll be back for sure.

From experiences at other race venues, we knew camping was the only way to go. Having said that, at the very least, you should allow fans to bring in their own snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. I spent half the race in line for food and soda! Not surprised as Levy's was your main food vendor! Thank God I didn't have to use the restroom!

I was there for 3+ hours in the traffic and finally gave up and missed the race. I have put up a FB page called "Boycott Kentucky Speedway". Unless refunds are offered, I suggest people skip this venue in the future.

I've been to 62 NASCAR races. I've been to every track east of the Mississippi. I was at KY track and made it there with no problems, but I was one of the fortunate ones. Out if all of the races I've been to this was the worst run. Kentucky should be ashamed. Bruton wants to blame 71, but his facility was the problem. There was nowhere to park. People want to mention the first Texas race as having the same problem. I was at that inaugural race as well and they are totally different. It poured the rain and couldn't use some of the parking and 200,000 people were going there. Bruton needs to step up and take responsibility.

With 10 years of practice, seeing traffic patterns in the past, working from that you would think someone with a high school education could of parked these cars and moved traffic along. We had so guy directing traffic up behind the Sunoco water tower who was stopping everyone and parking one car at a time and waiting for them to exit the car before parking the next car. I live 45 minutes from the track and was fortunate to get in knowing the back roads, called a friend of mine to tell them to come in that way to avoid traffic and they never got in do to the parking being full. Probably won't go back, 1. I'm not going to a race track at 8am and sit all day for a 730pm race just so I get a parking spot, oh did I mention I was handicapped and wasn't allowed to park in handicap parking area. Nuff said I'll have to see great improvements before I'll be back. Just saying, a neighbor just down the road!

We were on Hwy 35 for over 8 hrs...going less than 12 miles.. no bathroom, nothing to drink in a hot truck..come on that is inhuman..people were out on the road going to the bathroom...the worst trip I have ever been on.. Then get to the race last 70 laps and told you could not enter. It was time for everyone to start leaving WTF.

Parking situation sucked! Long lines at the concession stands and you don't accept credit cards? Hello! I will watch the next Kentucky Race from the couch. You guys have a lot to learn, even Michigan does a better job.

KMS--thank you for ruining my weekend that i've been planning for over six months...4.5 hours in traffic after driving 4 hours to get here was unreasonable, unacceptable and completely ridiculous. You should be ashamed at the lack of planning, shuttles, parking, direction, notice, you provided for the fans. Nascar should be embarassed that you hold their races there. I will never return. This trip was the trip from hell and you should be held accountable for all of the people that missed this race.

I've been to the summer Sprint Cup race at Daytona. 165,000 + and got in under 1.5 hours. And we didn't get up at sunrise to get there.

At my home track, Kentucky Speedway, we actually left much earlier than we did at Daytona and we sat 7 miles out from the track in STANDSTILL traffic on state road 35 for 2.5 hours and only moved 3 miles. 

Ditched the car and walked the other 4 miles to the track. A disaster, all over the news, Speed Channel, ESPN etc. Really just embarrassing.

You don't have to leave at the crack of dawn for a Sprint Cup race when the track is run by competent people. You need to consult Talladega and find out how to run a race weekend, because obviously you have no clue.