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Kasey Kahne Unhurt After Car Flips Out Of Dirt Track (Video)

NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series off-week could have turned tragic on Friday night when Kasey Kahne wrecked and somersaulted out of a World of Outlaws race in Pennsylvania. Fortunately, Kahne emerged from the scary crash unscathed.

Kahne, racing his sprint car at Williams Grove, had contact with Craig Dollansky heading into Turn 4 of a heat race. The contact immediately sent Kahne flipping off the track and down an embankment.

A video taken by the York Daily Record (below) shows Kahne's car flying out of view, followed by emergency crews rushing to the scene. Amazingly, though, the newspaper reported Kahne "was able to jog back to the track to the cheers of the crowd."

Kahne's car came to rest approximately 30 feet away from the track, the newspaper said.

Like several other NASCAR stars who came up through the dirt ranks, Kahne has never stopped dropping in on sprint car races whenever possible. He also owns Kasey Kahne Racing, a sprint car team, which saw driver Joey Saldana seriously injured in a crash just last week.