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'Kyle Busch Show:' Raytona 500 Unveils Driver's New Bristol Theme Song

The best NASCAR rapper around – OK, so he's the only one we know of – is back with his latest Kyle Busch tribute song: "The Kyle Busch Show."

The artist known as Raytona 500 (who is also the man behind the Busch-themed "Rowdy Busch" and "Bristol Sweep") will again have a song used by Busch when the Joe Gibbs Racing driver is introduced to the crowd on Saturday at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Raytona 500 is putting the three songs together for an upcoming CD called The Kyfecta. Proceeds will benefit the Kyle Busch Foundation – but that likely won't move Busch's haters to buy it.

As with Raytona 500's previous songs, "The Kyle Busch Show" will be loved by Rowdy fans and despised by the driver's detractors.

Some sample lyrics:

Haters keep hating / the records that he's breaking.
So, how could you be calm? / You're in presence of a phenom.

And then there's this:

He wins when he wants ta / Already amongst the greats as a youngsta.

Ready for the full song and video? Here you go: