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Kyle Petty: Kevin Harvick's camp leaked Stewart-Haas move

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Kyle Petty had some interesting comments about Kevin Harvick's reported move to Stewart-Haas Racing in 2014. Here are his thoughts, courtesy of Speed TV's public relations:

"Richard Childress is really upset about the way this has been handled. This is only a sport on Sunday afternoons. You drop the green flag and it's a sport from then until you drop the checkered flag. The rest of the time it's a business. And for Richard Childress, this is his livelihood. It's a business.

"Budweiser, whether it be Caterpillar, Menards – he has other partners and sponsors that he has to work with and deal with, and to get blindsided by a leak – and I do believe Kevin's camp leaked this out early so it would cause a little bit of chaos and would cause a little bit of disruption for whatever reason – I do understand Richard being upset about that."