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Bomani & Jones: NASCAR does fighting right

This weekend is the close of NASCAR's Chase for the Sprint Cup. When did I learn this? When I was looking up the fight between Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer's posse.

See how a delightful melée can lead to great publicity? NASCAR is the sport that does fighting right. They appreciate our desire to watch dudes throw hands every now and then, and they're smart enough to sit back and let us enjoy the fights. This is in direct contrast to the NBA, which is always thissss close to calling the National Guard after a flagrant foul.

Yeah, it's a double standard, but there's no need to get too moralistic about it. Nope, "Bomani & Jones" simply wants to ask the sports world to pay attention to NASCAR. They know how to appreciate a good fight. And, if the rest of the sports world would do the same, the world would be a much, much better place. Yes, fighting to make a better world.

Check out the video. You'll see what I mean.