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Daytona 500 2012 Rain Delay Weather Update: Will We Race Today?

The most popular question I am getting on Twitter this afternoon is: "Will we race the Daytona 500 today?"

For a brief period this morning, I was thinking, "Maybe, just maybe," as rain to the west appeared to be making a move to the north. Since then, the rain continues to stream in from the west and it doesn't look like we will see it end long enough to dry the track and go racing for an official race.

There is so much rain and moisture coming in off the Gulf and it is heading in a more easterly direction. It is riding a stalled boundary like a train on railroad tracks.

It is appearing more and more likely we won't see the Daytona 500 on Sunday.

Monday doesn't look much better during the day either. In fact it looks just as bad, if not worse. The earliest opportunity would be Monday night around 6-8 p.m. EST. If NASCAR decides not to run Monday, then it would have to wait until Tuesday. The forecast for Tuesday is mostly dry and partly sunny.


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Conditions in Daytona Beach, FL: Click here for Current Weather ConditionsLook at Doppler Radar | Mobile Friendly Site | Mobile Radar

3 p.m. ET
Prerace – Cloudy, with showers – temp: 62
5 p.m. ET
Prerace – Cloudy, with showers – temp: 63
7 p.m. ET
Daytona 500 – Cloudy, rain shower – temp: 63
9 p.m. ET
Daytona 500 – Cloudy, rain shower – temp: 62

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