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Daytona 500 Video: Ryan Newman Loses A Tire, Rear-Ended By A.J. Allmendinger On Pit Road

This is kind of the beginning of the 2012 Daytona 500 in a nutshell. On the second lap of the race, Jimmie Johnson hit the wall hard, setting off a chain reaction behind him. Danica Patrick was caught up in the mess and the Daytona 500 got started on the wrong foot after a day and a half delay.

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Just 10 laps later, Ryan Newman spun out on the back-stretch, bringing out the second caution of the night.


And then this happened on pit road.

That's Newman losing a tire in front as he tries to maneuver on pit road. A.J. Allmendinger didn't anticipate Newman coming to an abrupt halt and slams into the back of his car. It looks innocent enough -- like a minor fender bender -- but it was not.

Instead, Allmendinger had to head back to the garage for repairs. The collision, as small as it seemed, knocked his radiator loose.

But hey, we're back to green flag racing again after a wild start to the Daytona 500!