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Juan Pablo Montoya Crash: Jet Dryer Explodes Into Flames At Daytona 500

The Daytona 500 is under a red flag, with cars stopped, as track officials attempt to fix the massive mess near the back stretch. During a caution, a normally quiet time, the track exploded into flames as jet fuel leaked from one of the massive track dryers working to clear up debris. It all happened when Juan Pablo Montoya spun into the back of the dryer in one of the crazier scenes you'll see.

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This is what the fire looked like. It was an incredible sight.


Side note: huge props to the safety crews for running straight towards the fire. Y'all are insane, but in a good way.

Something inside Montoya's car broke, leading to the crazy chain of events. His car ended up spinning into the jet fuel-filled truck, destroying his own car, the truck and, perhaps, the track.

At this point, the SAFER barrier is melted, and the track may be too. The fire burned for at least a few minutes as jet fuel coated the track, causing who knows how much damage.

And hey, if you want one more view of the carnage, here you go. It's amazing everyone walked away (click the gif if it doesn't animate).