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VIDEO: Carl Edwards Wants To Pass Daytona 500 Delay With Cheez-Its

At this point, the Daytona 500 drivers are experiencing a bit of cabin fever. With just 40 laps to go, the entire field was stopped after Juan Pablo Montoya slammed into a jet dryer during a caution, causing a massive inferno.* The cars were parked and drivers were doing whatever it took to pass the time.

*So completely metal, NASCAR.

Brad Keselowski has been tweeting -- seriously, he had a phone in his car during the race -- but the funniest part of the delay may have been Carl Edwards. FOX was listening in as Edwards discussed what kind of snacks he'd like with his crew during the red flag, and his answers may surprise you.

He kind of runs in circles, saying he'd like a Ritz, maybe a sub sandwich or, better yet, some Cheez-Its. That would've been funny enough, but the end of the video is the best. Believe that's his spotter saying "I like Cheeeez-Its" all creepy like.

If you missed the crash, here's video, a couple gifs of the impact and gifs of the aftermath.