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Daytona 500 Crash Video: Juan Pablo Montoya's Wreck Sounded Like A Movie

The video of Juan Pablo Montoya's crash was scary enough. Montoya lost control of his car during a caution and slammed into a jet dryer -- filled with lots of jet fuel -- creating a fiery mess. There was an explosion, a ball of fire and, eventually, a wall of flames. It was nuts.

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But crank up the audio of this crash for a full picture of what happened. It was like something out of an action film.

If you missed the crash aftermath, here's a couple gifs of the impact and gifs of the fire.

Also notice Montoya's car, which burst into flames immediately. Surprisingly, and thankfully, everyone walked away.

This was almost certainly a first at Daytona and, perhaps, racing in general. Not sure we've ever seen a crash of this magnitude, creating a huge fire in the aftermath. And yet, NASCAR is fixing the track and plans to complete the race on Monday night.