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2012 Daytona 500 Live Results: Race Ready To Resume After Explosion

The most bizarre two hours in NASCAR history are about to come to an end.

After a lengthy red-flag period to clean up the remains of an exploded jet dryer, the Daytona 500 is finally set to get back underway at the World Center of Racing – at least we think.

Drivers were ordered back to their cars after climbing out and milling about for the last hour or so, and Brad Keselowski even tweeted to fans while passing time.

But when it was time to get back in the cars, they couldn't do it by themselves. The drivers need help to buckle their window nets, so NASCAR brought a shuttle bus onto pit road and loaded up one crew member from each team to take a field trip.

Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch both pulled tear-offs from their windshields under the red flag, which is a no-no (remember Sterling Marlin?), so they'll have to start in the rear of the field.

When the drivers take the green flag, there will be 40 laps left (that's 100 miles) in the Great American Race.