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Daytona 500 2012 Live Update: Casey Mears, Marcos Ambrose Spin

The cars are back on the track in the Daytona 500 and it didn't take long for another caution to come out. Just a few laps after the restart, Casey Mears and Marcos Ambrose each spun out, though no real damage was done. Neither car appeared to sustain any damage, but the caution was out for quite a bit of time as the debris was cleared from the track.

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After watching Juan Pablo Montoya slam into a jet dryer, causing an explosion, this was incredibly mild.


Pretty sure the bar has been raised so high that cars flying sideways down the track doesn't even raise an eyebrow. On the other hand, look at the coordinated drifting between the two. If this weren't technically a wreck, it would've probably been worth quite a few drifting points.

If you missed the big crash, here's video, a couple gifs of the impact and gifs of the aftermath.