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ANIMATED: Matt Kenseth's 'Pee Car' Wins Daytona 500

I'm not saying this was some kind of performance enhancer, but Matt Kenseth's leaking car did just happen to come through in the clutch at the Daytona 500. It's not as though his car was damaged or anything, but it did have what the announcers called "Ole Faithful" springing up from the hood.

Kenseth's car was shooting a stream of water out of its hood, creating quite the funny scene. It first was spotted as he was in the pits earlier in the race, before all the carnage, and continued as the race wore on. And wouldn't you know it, the "pee car" won the race.

Then the car celebrated!



As Kenseth did his celebratory donuts, his car decided to blow off a little ... steam. Except it's a stream of water shooting out of the hood, kind of like a whale's blowhole. I feel like Kenseth's car is the new Herbie the Lovebug

Kenseth should probably put a diaper on that thing next time. Or maybe this is good luck!

If you missed the big crash involving Juan Pablo Montoya, a jet dryer and a lot of fire, here's video, a couple gifs of the impact and gifs of the aftermath.