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VIDEO: Juan Pablo Montoya's Jet Dryer Crash Meets Die Hard

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Juan Pablo Montoya was involved in one of the crazier NASCAR wrecks you'll ever see during Monday night's Daytona 500. During a caution, Montoya was trying to catch up to the pack when his something in his car broke. He lost control at the absolute worst time and went sliding into a jet dryer that was cleaning the track.

The resulting explosion was quite the sight to behold. The dryer, which was powered by jet fuel, burst into flames, creating a giant wall of fire on the track. Crews finally got control of the blaze, then spent the next two hours cleaning up the mess.

The video of the crash was crazy enough, but we may have found a way to make it better...

Language warning: There's one bad word early in the video.

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When John McClane meets the Daytona 500 wreck, we're all winners.

A disclaimer: If you missed the crash, which looked very bad at the time, know that everyone walked away. Juan Pablo Montoya got out of his car, which was destroyed, and was fine. The driver of the jet dryer also walked away and was given the all clear after being checked out by doctors.

If you missed the crash, here's video, a couple gifs of the impact and gifs of the aftermath.