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Brad Keselowski Won't Be Punished For Using Twitter During Daytona 500

NASCAR decides no punishment is necessary as Brad Keselowski's Tweet did not endanger himself or other drivers.

Image Tweeted during Monday's Daytona 500 by @keselowski. (via <a href=""></a>)
Image Tweeted during Monday's Daytona 500 by @keselowski. (via

NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski will not be punished for using Twitter during the Daytona 500. NASCAR explained its decision -- via Twitter, appropriately enough -- by saying that Keselowski did not endanger any of his fellow drivers when he snapped a photo from his car and sent it out on Twitter. The incident occurred when fellow driver Juan Pablo Montoya crashed into a safety vehicle, although no one was hurt.

While possibly questionable, it's hard to argue with the results. Keselowski, who reportedly had about 85,000 Twitter followers before the incident, now has more than 200,000. He also tweeted updates, and exchanged tweets with fans, during cautions in the race.

Keselowski's race eventually ended early after he got into his own wreck. Yes, he Tweeted an update about that one, too.