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Super Bowl Commercials: Danica Patrick's Go Daddy Ads Extend Record

Out of all the celebrities to star in Super Bowl commercials, guess which one has appeared the most often?

If you guessed Go Daddy Girl Danica Patrick – who also happens to be a NASCAR driver – then you're correct.

Patrick will appear in two more ads during today's game, extending her record to 10 Super Bowl commercials. You can view both of them below the jump.

The first one co-stars Jillian Michaels and promotes Go Daddy's ".co" domain names. Patrick and Michaels are shown putting body paint on Colombian model Natalia Velez.

Here's that one:

The second ad, titled "Cloud," features Patrick and the Pussycat Dolls making dreams come true for a couple of young techies (this ad even features the cinematographer from Titanic, if you can believe that):

We asked Patrick last month if she watches her commercials before the game. Her answer? She never has before, but made an exception this year.

Typically, she prefers to watch the Super Bowl at home instead of going to the game, because "it's a lot of work" to attend.

"Like my husband says, I like to watch the game actually," said Patrick, a Chicago Bears fan. "There's no point in having it on if you're not going to pay attention. Unless you're following the ebb and flow and the momentum of the game, it's pretty boring. Just watching a play here and there, my eyes glaze over. If I'm not paying attention, it doesn't work."

Patrick will make her NASCAR Sprint Cup Series debut later this month in the Daytona 500.

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