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VIDEO: Denny Hamlin Does The 'Dougie' Before NASCAR Bristol Race

We're not sure if NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin is the right person to teach you how to Dougie, but he at least offered a good demonstration during Sunday's pre-race ceremonies at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Drivers pick their own entrance music at Bristol (like baseball players do for home games), and dance club owner Hamlin apparently wanted to show off his Dougie skills.

Perhaps Hamlin's version of the Dougie won't get the same level of attention as the Kate Upton edition (nor should it, to be honest), but we applaud Hamlin for trying something out of the box. He will live in infamy in this GIF.


This is actually the second time in the last five months that a NASCAR driver has displayed some unexpected dancing skills.

During the Las Vegas champion's week celebrations, Jeff Gordon showed some amazing break-dancing talent at a fan forum.

What's next? Will Kyle Busch do the Macarena after his next win? We hope not.