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NASCAR Driver Mark Martin Becomes 'Epic Swag' For Fontana Race

Yo, hold up and check this out: The No. 55 car is gonna be straight bangin' when it rolls out for this weekend's NASCAR race at Fontana.

Why's that? Because 53-year-old balla Mark Martin is gonna have "Epic Swag" written on his car instead of his name for the Auto Club 500 on Sunday. It's just for a second, man, but you've gotta admit: that's pretty dope.

Now, you're probably asking yourself, "Why the hell is an old-ass white dude trying to be all gangsta with the Epic Swag name?"

Well, there's a seriously legit reason.

M-Mizzle was just minding his own bidness and sending out some tweets over the weekend – you know, being real with the people and all that – when he clicked a bad link and got himself hacked.

This poser got into Martin's account and started messin' with his stuff, and all of the sudden Martin's Twitter feed looked like a hot mess. His tweets got deleted, he was locked out of his account and his Twitter name was changed to "Epic Swag."

The whole thing was wack.

"I felt naked," Martin said. "I'd built my followers up and was scared I was going to lose all of it to this guy. I was mad at him, mad at myself and really ticked off."

You don't want to get Martin pissed off, man. His face has wrinkles and he has the stature of a jockey, but he easily could take Weezy in a fight and make those tattooed teardrops turn real. This dude is absolutely ripped, and you should not mess with him.

Oh, and one other thing: perhaps Mr. Swag didn't realize Martin is a huge rap fan (he owns every Gucci Mane song and jams to hip-hop while he's working out), so the concept of swag is not foreign to him at all – and neither is the concept of revenge, son!

Martin got his homies at Twitter to give him his account back, and all was good ... at least Epic Swag probably thought so.

But Martin wasn't done. He got his crew (and in this case, we literally mean his crew guys at the team shop) to put "Epic Swag" above the window of his car, where NASCAR drivers usually have their own names written.

"Epic Swag stole my name last Saturday, so this weekend I'm stealing his," Martin said. "[...] Turnabout is fair play."


And with that, we're assuming Martin dropped the mic, held his hands up and walked offstage.