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VIDEO: Marco Andretti Wrecks Late At Indy 500, Extends Family Curse

The Andretti family may be racing royalty, but the Indianapolis 500 doesn't care. Not since 1969 when Mario Andretti won has the family tasted victory at the Brickyard, with the family going 0-for-66 in combined attempts from Mario's sons Michael and Jeff, nephew John and grandson Marco Andretti.

In fact, Marco, in his seventh Indy 500 start, couldn't even finish this year's race, wrecking with just 12 laps to go when he was eighth place. Marco led early in the race and was among the leaders all day before his frustrating crash, which you can see below the jump.

After the race, Andretti surprisingly blamed Oriol Servia for the incident – even though it hardly seemed Servia was at fault.

"Servia decided to run two-wide at Indianapolis for two consecutive laps and makes me turn in from the white line," Andretti said. "I had no hope of making that corner, because not only am I turning in from the white line, he just crossed my bow, so I was completely out of it."

Andretti said there was "nothing he could do" and added the hit "definitely rang my bell."

In fact, hitting his head may have contributed to blaming Servia in the first place. As Andretti later tweeted:

Sorry for blaming @OriolServia. Was frustrated and totally out of it. I made my own bed there. Very sore. Unlucky but lucky.

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