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VIDEO: Dario Franchitti Remembers Dan Wheldon After Winning Indy 500

There was Indy 500 2012 winner Dario Franchitti donning white sunglasses in the winner's circle on Sunday. The look was an homage to his close friend Dan Wheldon, last year's Indianapolis 500 winner, who was killed in an October crash at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Wheldon was on everyone's mind on Sunday, and Franchitti couldn't leave him out of his post-race interview.

"I want to thank all the fans for saluting our Dan today," Franchitti said. "What a race."

Jeff Gluck: Dan Wheldon's Memory Looms Over 2012 Indy 500

Here's the video:

Wheldon's memory was inescapable at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. His face was printed on tickets for the race, and fans in attendance were given white cardboard sunglasses which were all worn on the 98th lap, matching Wheldon's number.

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