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2012 Indy 500: Marco Andretti Big Fan Of Saying Questionable Things

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The worst news ever for racecar drivers is that everything they say is being broadcast to someone somewhere. Some racers probably keep this in mind. I probably wouldn't if I was going 200 miles per hour. Luckily, neither does Marco Andretti. His quotes from the Indy Star:

Lap 22

Andretti, after being passed by Ryan Briscoe for the lead: "(Expletive), I'm going back at him!"

Pit: "Just nice and easy. Long race."

Lap 85
Andretti: "One of my shoes just melted to the throttle."

Lap 90
Andretti, who was leading: "It's going to cost us the race, the freaking overboost."

Lap 113
Andretti: "These guys (other drivers) are trying to (expletive) kill me!"

Lap 147
Andretti, on changes he expected during a previous pit stop: "You didn't put the rear wing in?"

Pit: "No, we didn't put the rear wing in."

Andretti: "That's what I was (expletive) screaming for."

Pit: "Well, I didn't hear that."

Andretti: "I didn't say it because I'm (expletive) bored."

Lap 149
Andretti, on being asked to conserve fuel: "I don't want to give away any more position because we're already (expletive)."

Way to be, Marco. Way to be.

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