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The Indy 500 Is The Best Thing Ever

So, Sunday's Indy 500 was won by Dario Franchitti. But who really cares about that? Not the roughly 200,000 people who attended the race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

People took photos of people at Sunday's race, and, well, they're pretty fantastic:




I'm pretty sure blue is not a natural beard color, and pink/yellow/green/red/purple are not real hair colors.


I didn't know Mega Jenga was a thing, but I really want somebody to invite me to play Mega Jenga (and or be an engineer capable of building a Mega Jenga set)


This photo is everything right with America. 1. American Flag tube top. 2. Checkered flag skirt. 3. Beer pong. 4. Slightly blurred out Coors Light can.

So, Indy wins. That said, I'm very glad I wasn't at a major sporting event Sunday, because pictures were taken of me and I'm really glad nobody posted them on a sports website and that they will generally disappear.