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Danica Patrick's NASCAR Team Takes On Jacques Villeneuve With Video

Danica Patrick was Villeneuve'd out of a top-five finish in Saturday's NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Road America – she got spun out by human wrecking ball Jacques Villeneuve – and now her JR Motorsports team is weighing in with a funny video.

It wasn't so much Villeneuve's actions on Saturday that bothered people, but his response to the incident. He told ESPN afterward that Patrick's spin "had nothing to do with me, so I really don't care."

Villeneuve's comments even drew the ire of his sponsor, Discount Tire, which issued a rebuke of the driver via press release.

Anyway, JR Motorsports had its own opinion of the incident, which it expressed in the company's typically honest and funny manner during a weekly "JRM 360" video on Thursday. See for yourself:

If you haven't watched the JRM 360 videos before, they're worth checking out. Most of them have a laugh or two, and they're far from the typical public relations stuff you're used to seeing.