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Tony Stewart Doesn't Care About His Helmet

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As Jeff Gluck said on Twitter, Tony Stewart was wrong. Stewart said we'd know whether the Bristol track changes had worked on exactly Lap 236. He was close, but missed the mark by about 100 laps.

Instead, we found our answer on Lap 332. And what an answer it was.


Stewart and Matt Kenseth got together and well ... bad things happened for Stewart, who was crowded against the outer wall on the turn before. Stewart, however, wasn't content to just walk away from the crash. No, he wasn't happy with Kenseth about the way things went down and had to let him know about it.

So he threw his helmet. At Kenseth's car. Because that solves everything. Note the crow-hop into the throw!


And from the inside of Kenseth's car.


Really, this was perfect though. Short track racing is already heated and Stewart isn't the most calm man around. He added later, when asked about the helmet, "I don't give a crap. Hell with the helmet."

Never, ever change, Tony Stewart. And thanks for the wonderful GIFs.

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