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AJ Allmendinger Admits Testing Positive For Adderall

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A month after failing a random drug test, NASCAR driver AJ Allmendinger broke his silence Tuesday and told ESPN's Marty Smith that the drug he tested positive for was Adderall.

Allmendinger tells Smith that he was given the pill by a friend of his the Wednesday before the Sprint Cup Series race at Kentucky Speedway. Feeling tired, Allmendinger's friend suggested he take a pill, which the friend claimed was a workout supplement and would give him an energy boost.

Two days later, Allmendinger was randomly selected for a drug test, which he ultimately failed, and was temporally suspended by NASCAR the following week at Daytona.

Adderall is commonly prescribed to those who suffer from attention deficit disorder, but because Allmendinger does not have ADD, he did not have a prescription to have the drug in his system.

After his ‘B' sample was tested on July 24 and came back positive, NASCAR indefinitely suspended the driver. Allmendinger subsequently entered NASCAR's Road to Recovery program with the hopes of completing it and returning to the sport.

Allmendinger also stated that he does not abuse Adderall and that this was a one-time occurrence