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Snowball Derby Moment (1977): Darrell Waltrip still has Ronnie Sanders' trophy

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With the Snowball Derby right around the corner, SB Nation will relive the most famous moments of the event, leading up to the race itself which takes place on Sunday, Dec. 8 this year.

Jason Smith

Next up on our Snowball Derby countdown is the story of Ronnie Sanders' only victory in the Snowball Derby -- in 1977 -- and how it was originally awarded to Darrell Waltrip.

Waltrip still believes he won the race and stubbornly never gave up his trophy and never was going to do so until he got paid his money.

Needless to say, Five Flags Speedway never paid Waltrip the winner's share of the purse as they erroneously spotted him an extra lap on the field. As a result, "Jaws" still has the trophy and still fancies himself the 1977 Snowball Derby champion.

The story is better explained by Waltrip and Sanders themselves in a video shot by Speed 51. It's a doozy so sit back and enjoy!

The 1977 race was pretty stacked in hindsight.

Going deep through the field, you'll also find a young Dale Earnhardt, Mark Martin, Bobby Allison and Rusty Wallace -- and a slightly younger Red Farmer. The complete results of the 1977 race can be found at the bottom of the post.

Below is a photo of Mark Martin's car from that race.


Continuing coverage of the Snowball Derby can be found on the Ranting and Raving short track blog. Visit our Facebook page for all the updates and links to our stories leading up to the Super Bowl of Short Track Racing.

The 46th Annual Snowball Derby is set for Sunday Dec. 8, 2013 with the green flag dropping at approximately 3 p.m. EST.

1977 Snowball Derby results:

  1. Ronnie Sanders
  2. Buck Simmons
  3. Darrell Waltrip
  4. Bob Senneker
  5. Sandy Goss
  6. Jack Ingram
  7. Ed Howe
  8. Jerry Goodwin
  9. Randy Tissot
  10. Luther Carter
  11. Donnie Simpson
  12. Junior Niedecken
  13. Dennie Rewis
  14. David Goldsberry
  15. J.D. Hughes
  16. Sam Sommers
  17. Mark Martin
  18. Gene Morgan
  19. Charles Skipper
  20. Larry Rogero
  21. Dickie Davis
  22. Kasper Miles
  23. Jerry Lawley
  24. Ronnie Pitts
  25. Bobby Allison
  26. Tommy Houston
  27. Red Farmer
  28. Jody Ridley
  29. David Pletcher
  30. Harry Deaton
  31. Butch Lindley
  32. Jack Bland
  33. Freddie Fryar
  34. John Rezek
  35. Buddy Baker
  36. Dale Earnhardt
  37. Rusty Wallace
  38. Mike Alexander
  39. Ray Putnam
  40. David Rogers