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Kevin Harvick surprises Twitter follower with Daytona 500 trip

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A playful exchange on Twitter late Tuesday night culminated with Kevin Harvick rewarding one of his followers with an all-expense-paid trip to Daytona 500.


When you're flying cross-country that's as good a time as any to interact with your Twitter followers and kill some time.

And aided by a seemingly unlimited supply of his sponsor's product, this is what Kevin Harvick did late Tuesday night as he flew from Charlotte to Las Vegas for this week's Sprint Cup championship festivities.

Harvick bantered with his followers throughout the flight, but a particular fan from Oregon caught the NASCAR driver's attention. As Louise Groomer, a self-proclaimed diehard fan of Harvick, asked him if he would give her a follow. Harvick promptly said yes, and from there things became quite entertaining.

After some fun back and forth which included Harvick telling his followers that Groomer was now in charge of dictating who else he would follow, Harvick had a surprise for Groomer asking her is she would like an all expenses paid trip to the 2014 Daytona 500.

As you can imagine Groomer was aghast at the gesture.

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