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NASCAR Talladega 2013 results: Brad Keselowski accuses David Ragan of illegal restart

Brad Keselowski took to Twitter following the Sprint Cup Series race at Talladega to complain about the final restart. He believes he should have restarted in the same spot where eventual race-winner David Ragan took the green flag.

Sean Gardner

TALLADEGA, Ala. -- Brad Keselowski believes that David Ragan won Sunday's Sprint Cup Series race at Talladega under controversial means, accusing the Front Row Motorsports driver of illegally switching lanes coming to the final restart.

Keselowski took to Twitter immediately after the race, insinuating that fans would feel differently about Ragan's underdog victory once they had seen the restart. With one to go until the green flag dropped, NASCAR ordered both Keselowski and Ragan to switch lanes -- Ragan was on the bottom and Keselowski was on the top of row five coming to the restart.

Ragan moved to the high lane and Keselowski insisted it was an illegal move before eventually dropping to the bottom lane on the frontstretch:

Keselowski credits the momentum of the outside line in carrying Ragan to victory and seems to believe that starting there himself might have helped his own cause. Ragan said he was surprised to find himself running ninth coming to the one to go and that the emotion was validated when NASCAR reviewed the video at the time of the caution and declared that he was 10th.

Ragan intimated that Keselowski was trying to force NASCAR into leaving the order as it was as to give him the advantage on the restart.

"Obviously Brad wanted to start on the outside because he knew ... that the outside lane had an advantage on the restart," Ragan said. "But he just didn't want to listen to NASCAR ... My spotter told me that's what they radioed on the NASCAR channel ... and that Brad was just trying to snooker us and get the preferred lane.

"Eventually he decided he should do the right thing and he restarted ninth and I restarted 10th, so there's no controversy."

NASCAR confirmed Ragan's version of the story in a statement that absolved the winner of all wrong-doings:

"The No. 2 car (Keselowski) was not in the proper lane for the final restart. So NASCAR had the No. 2 car move into the proper lane - the No. 34 car (Ragan) was lined up properly all along.

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