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Video: Denny Hamlin chased Brad Keselowski through Charlotte garage

NASCAR released video of the post-race skirmish, providing more insight into what caused the altercation.

Brian Lawdermilk

Additional footage of the skirmish between Brad Keselowski, Matt Kenseth and Denny Hamlin was released Monday by

The video shows Keselowski driving through the Charlotte Motor Speedway garage and Hamlin giving chase. It appears their cars become stuck together, with Keselowski having to gas it to get away. He then drove to his hauler with Hamlin following.

Also noticeable is that when Keselowski got out of his car he tried removing himself from the situation. Meanwhile, Hamlin attempted to engage him, only to be held back by crew members who repeatedly told their driver, "It ain't worth it."

It was when Keselowski was walking back to his hauler that Matt Kenseth got involved. He charged Keselowski from behind, setting off a scrum between their two teams. Helping separate the two and grabbing Kenseth was Keselowski's crew chief, Paul Wolfe (wearing the gray T-shirt).

NASCAR is reviewing the situation and said it would announce any potential penalties Tuesday.